October 18, 2011

Coconut Craving

Shampoo & Condit. $12
Im Using This Every OTHER Day... I Use My Volume Shampoo
& Conditioner One Day And Then This Shampoo The Next.
I Really Love This Product... It Makes My Hair Feel Thick & Smells
Coconut Oil $6
Smells Like Heaven & Is Really Moisturizing
I Use It For :
Hair Mask Once A Week ( Before Shampooing )
Nail/Cuticle Moisturizing Oil
Massage Oil & Body Oil
& With Brown Sugar For A Body Scrub :D
Scoop It Out With A Spoon Into A Little Glass Jar And
Microwave It For 10 Sec. It Melts Really Fast.
Milk $2
I Use This As A Hair Mask As Well. I Use It Between
Shampooing And Conditioner. I Left It In For 30-45 Minutes.

Since Winter Is Coming Up I Decided To Get A Exfoiliating
Body Wash.... And Of Course... Its Coconut. Smells Wonderful
And Is Really Moisturizing.

Hopefully This Helps If You Have Fine To Medium Hair.
I Perfer Coconut Oil For My Hair Instead Of Olive Oil Because
Coconut Oil Smells ALOT Better. Thanks For Visiting!

October 2, 2011


Ich Wünsche Euch Ein Frohes Fest :D


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